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Nov 17, 2013 7:55pm EST
lincoln's beliefs. >> our panel today is what would lincoln do, how lincoln gets used and abused in today's washington. to do that, we put together a group that is extremely expert in both history and policy. i'll will briefly introduce them and i'll describe how the panel came together and we'll get to it. to my right is james swanson. he's been a senior scholar at the heritage foundation. next is craig simons. he is a professor of history from the u.s. naval academy, author of a book called "lincoln and his admirals." to his right is richard norton smith, who might be the dean to have presidential historians. he's headed several presidential libraries. he's here today to represent a kind of overarching perspective. michael lynd, he's going to give us that special mix of history and policy expertise that we're looking for. what we wanted to do in this panel is try to -- a semester course. several of the questions from this course called "understanding lincoln." i'll begin with a couple of questions from our k-12 educators. before i ask the first question, though, let me say a fe
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1